European Corporate Financing Firm focused exclusively on the innovation technology sector

Mediterraneo Capital Ltd is a Global Corporate Financing firm.

The company assists and invests exclusively in financial target companies and investment funds throughout the Mediterranean basin (not just the EU). It also carries out Corporate Financing, Invetment Banking, Corporate Lending, Asset Management, M&A, CRISIS COMPANY, IPO, FINANCIAL, CAPITAL MARKETS, STRUCTURED FINANCE, PRIVATE BANKING, PRIVATE DEBT, PRIVATE EQUITY, Assett MANAGEMENT activities.


Mediterraneo-Capital Ltd also provides specialized banking and financial products and services, characterized by a high degree of innovation and an attentive and highly professional consulting service.


The development of financial activities is synergistic and complementary to the activities carried out by the entities and businesses belonging to it.


What is Mediterraneo Capital?

Mediterraneo Capital Ltd allows the expansion in banking and financial services offered by the Group with a new focus on private banking activities.

The investment focus is focused on companies: Fintech, Insurtech, DLT, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Domotics, Robotics, Security, Cloud Computing, Raw Materials, Forex, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrency, NPL real estate, pre-IPO, Companies in crisis but with an active cash-flow and a market (also potential) international.
The company also invests in various financial instruments (short selling) and possibly in newly created (in the minority) investment funds.

Mediterraneo Capital


We support our clients with advice and advice in managing their wealth, capital and business. We understand their needs and their problems. We help them plan the operations necessary for their solution.

A bank of innovative and competitive business, oriented to offer our customers the relationships, services and global investment banking products. We assure international relations, specialized and sophisticated solutions expertise. Mediterranean Capital assists companies and entrepreneurs in all decisions affecting the optimization of debt and capital resources.

We assure our customers the necessary professional analysis of the processes of acquisition and use of resources by recommending the necessary solutions to a constant optimization of financial flows

We help our customers to protect, manage and develop their wealth with the necessary professional skills and unique personal attention. We devote to each client a confidential and personal service, selecting the best opportunities in the world for its security objectives, profitability and growth of its values.






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