Company formation in United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, USA, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania and in Romania - no one provides corporate services to assist you to incorporate and manage your entities the way we do!

You can register a private company across the Great Britain from any country in the world! Our fast incorporation service is simple and cheap. 

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Venture capital, private equity, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestitures and strategic reorganizations. Consultancy activities in the design and execution of M & A, both domestic and international, such as acquisitions, mergers, sale of investments, takeover bids and / or exchange offer (OPA / OPS), reorganization of corporate structure, operations restructuring of the shareholding structure and governance definition as part of generational transitions.

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Financial restructuring and capital raising third.  We carry out consultancy activities for customers for the structuring and retrieval of third-party capital in the context of financial restructuring. We assist Clients in the entire process of debt structuring & raising by placing ourselves as a representative of the interests of the borrower of funds towards the financial system. The goal is to achieve an optimized capital structure, with lower costs and consistent with the needs of the company's business and ownership.



Quotations on the markets. Access to the stock market represents an opportunity for the company to strengthen its financial and managerial structure and the competitive potential, enhance the credit standing and image in the market, obtaining also a permanent funding stream to support growth strategies. 


The preparation for listing requires the assistance of a team of specialized consultants, in which the company has the utmost confidence and with which to establish a fruitful cooperation in order to maximize the success of the operation in terms of quantity and quality of demand for securities offered, the preparation of the company to the commitments required by the status of a listed company and transparency towards the market and investors.

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Financial assessments, opinions and feasibility studies

In virtue 'of the skills acquired, we offer a full range of services in the field of financial advisory.


Mediterraneo Capital supports SMEs in the implementation of a reporting system aimed at improving the bank-firm relationship. The objective and 'facilitate the provision of credit by building a relationship of trust and transparency between the two parties. Mediterranean Capital works alongside businesses in the drafting of the financial statements as financial communication and synthetic periodic reports: a greater level of transparency facilitates the understanding of the business model and financial results by reducing the perception of risk and therefore the cost capital.



A team of specialists with extensive experience in financial markets, after quantitative and qualitative analyzes, is able to offer customers the best solutions to optimize the management of the debt and the company's equity. We support companies and entrepreneurs:  


  • in the search for companies to acquire or with which to integrate to grow;                     

  • in the search for new members of the minority or majority;                     

  • in debt restructuring and the optimization of capital structure;                     

  • in corporate reorganization for efficient, with the return on capital and / or to manage new developments in the business.


We set ourselves as a privileged partner of small and medium sized companies, multinational companies and institutional investors to play with discretion, reliability and independently of a consultant in corporate finance transactions.                   

We use the skills of all subsidiaries to prepare and implement plans and operational restructuring of the business organization improvement. In the real estate sector, we can count on the Real Estate Division specific skills gained in managing over 1 billion Euros of assets.                   

We are able to assist our customers in international M&A; through the support of over 110 professionals.                   

The operating activity is followed by the our company specialized in extraordinary corporate finance operations. A team able to understand and interpret the needs of the entrepreneur and to provide the best assistance during the whole process related to the transaction, making available their wealth of technical knowledge and established relationships over time, in a timely and customized solutions.


 We assure each of their personal relationships, professional research and comprehensive information to connect to the network of international finance.





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